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Andrea Damante

My biography

Andrea Damante, born in March 1990, business student, passionate for music & exploring life. At 14 years old he began playing local shows for friends in his home city of Verona, Italy. In the following years he continued to grow expanding
his network within the local clubs which led to his partnership with a record company which secured him a residency at on of the most important & prestigious clubs in Italy, All'Aterego. He was 19 years old.
Throughout the years he had the honor to open for the likes of
Sinclair, Cristian Marchi, Nervo, Vinai, Serebro & many more.
These experiences allowed him to secure two more residencies
at important clubs in Italy.

During the years Andrea also dedicated time to modeling which led to a role on a national reality televion series in 2014 and another important tv show in 2016.
As a result, his popularity grew exponentially leading him to book events in clubs across Italy and also in Europe.

Moreover, his musical profile has continued to expand leading him to create & produce electronic pieces of great popularity such as "Follow my pamp"
(feat. Adam Clay, 4 mln plays on Spotify and over 20 mln views on YouTube) obtaining the Golden Award. In 2018 he produces in Los Angeles
the track "Rub It" with multiplatimum artist Rich the Kid.

Chosen as testimonial of important brands such as YSL, GUESS, MONT BLANC, MARCIANO, Andrea Damante, 2.1 Mln followers on Instagram,
is actually based in Milan and is working on his new musical project
which will be released in summer 2019.

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